Rachel Durante, A North Jersey native, discovered her passion for art as a little girl. Rachel always found a sense of therapy through her artwork and found that it brought out the best in her.

Her work focuses on producing original fine art that shows how beauty can derive from pain. Each piece is unique and inspired by the idea that the only way to grow and achieve our dreams is through enduring the toughest times that life may throw at us. She hopes that her art urges everyone to try and find the beauty that lies within the things that we may not understand at the time.

Rachel’s work spans from pop art to pop culture and is expressed in acrylic and mixed media. Artists who influence her are Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein among many others. Rachel also finds inspiration from New York City, pop culture and what moves people. Her main goal is to inspire people to find the strength within to reach their full potential and find what it is that they are passionate about.