Rachel Durante

Rachel Durante (b. 1989) is a New Jersey-based artist whose imagery celebrates legendary icons in American Pop culture and our present day perception of sex appeal, fame, beauty and individuality. 

Inspired by the impact of repetition by Andy Warhol through the process of Fine Art Printmaking, Durante dove into the art form while acquiring her BFA with a concentration in Graphic Design. Durante’s work has been featured in Amelchenko Gallery, Gallery 23 in Manhattan and Art Week Miami since 2018.

Just as her own artwork breaks the norm of how popular icons and objects are presented in art often by adding tattoos of today to the timeless celebrities of yesterday, Durante conveys to the viewer that one must not adhere to the mold of societal expectations.  Diamond dust excentuates what these superstars shared with us to be ever in awe of their magic.  

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